DoesItPlay is a community dedicated to the preservation of video games and their respective systems.

We test physical releases of games with a focus on two main aspects:

DoesItPlay checks whether or not games (and hardware) can be played without any additional tools, patches, accounts/log-ins or any other forms of digital rights management (DRM). Basically, we aim to tell you whether or not everything works fine right out of the box.

In addition to the general playability we also note the severity of bugs we might come across. We also try to test several versions of a game (different revisions, from different regions, different platforms, etc…) to compare them. You can find our full list of games tested here. However, we do not judge on the proposal of the game to make a subjective analysis. So don't expect to read full reviews or commentary.

While we thoroughly test everything, there are limits to our resources. We can't 100% every 1000-hour JRPG. We can't travel to every pixel of modern open-world games. But we can beat campaigns, we can do tons of sidequests and we can hoard collectibles until the last drop of coffee is gone. If we say, you can enjoy a game, you can... given that you like a certain type of game in general, of course.

DoesItPlay also works in partnership with the Nintendo Revised community – a group dedicated to finding and cataloging re-releases of Nintendo Switch games with revised cartridges. Thanks to this great team for their contribution. You can find their work on the dedicated Switch Carts Revisions page and on our Switch reports.

You can follow DoesItPlay on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed of our latest tests. Although the results of our core work will always remain public, your financial support is important to cover website hosting costs and further expenses like acquiring games to test. Please consider donating on Patreon to support our work.

DoesItPlay was founded by Jon Doyle and is administered by Clemens Istel (paToclemente), crow and Destruction Games. Our website was created and is managed by Raymater.

This website is hosted by OVHcloud (OVH SAS - 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France). Game information on pages are provided from IGDB.

No personal data are collected for commercial usage. We measure the audience of the site and for non-commercial statistical purposes and anonymously via the Matomo tool. These statistical data are hosted in France and are not transmitted to a third party.