Anarchy Reigns: Limited Edition
Xbox 360

Anarchy Reigns: Limited Edition

(PEGI - Limited Edition)

Jul 5, 2012
Offline play
Download required

17 Characters in total, most of them you can unlock in the Campaing mode, offline.
Campaign mode has various point of wiews (sides, Red or Black) to complete.
Gargoyle is unlockable beating both Jack and Leo's Red Side in the Campaign mode.
You can replay campaing missions with all characters once you have unlocked them.

Bayonetta is the only DLC character, which is a downside given its a Platinum game.

Other offline modes:
in the Simulator mode, you can play offline against AI bots in all of the (also) multiplayer modes, like Real Battle, Team Battle, Death Match, 1vs1 (like a classic fighting game, with 8 arenas), 4vs4, Survival, Death Ball and more.

Gallery: Here you can watch movies, artworks and character bios unlocked offline via the Campaign.

Tested by Community Report on Xbox 360 S