Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise

(PEGI - Standard)

Feb 7, 2008
  • Racing
  • Electronic Arts
  • Criterion Games
Offline play
Download required

Version: 1.00
Size on disc: 3.213GB
Game ID: BLES00073

The game is fully playable unpatched and offline, with no issues.
The unpatched version of this game has no trophy support: it was added on a later patch. Thus, no trophies are obtainable.
All DLC content included on Burnout Paradise Remastered is not included on this disc, and must be bought separately on the PSN store (game update required).
All base game cars are obtainable.

Performance-wise, it's excellent, and was a feat for its time on the PS3: it runs at a nearly locked 60 fps, only dropping frames when there are many cars on screen. The game will run at 60 fps for the majority of the time while racing, but will switch to a 30 fps mode when starting a race, crashing or taking down a racer, for a more cinematic look. It'll go right back to 60 afterwards. However, this transition from 30 to 60 fps is a bit more sluggish compared to the patched version. Some very light pop-in was also noticed at a distance. Nothing serious however.
The unpatched version of this game is fairly different from the final patched version (which the Remaster is based on), and as a result, different from the Burnout Paradise Remastered version:

The game has an overall grittier vibe: the game's menus, sound effects, loading FMV, stunt jump markers and color palette are different.
Car models have more "crumbling points": this means that when crashing a car, the car will crumble in more areas of its body, which means more physics are at play, and crashed cars will look slightly more realistic and damaged. This difference is barely noticeable however, and the patched version remains largely similar to this version.
When crashing, wrecking your car isn't as easy as in the patched version. "Driveaways" are much more frequent.
The game world remains largely the same. The only notable differences are that billboards and destructible billboards are different, and the area that would lead to the Big Surf Island DLC expansion is inaccessible and visibly in construction.

In summary, it's an excellent, well-polished disc build which, when paired with a Burnout Paradise Remastered copy, allows the player to experience the game in all its different forms throughout the years.

Tested by Community Report on PS3 Fat