Cruis'n Blast

Cruis'n Blast

(ESRB - Standard, Revision 001)

Sep 14, 2021
  • Racing
  • Arcade
  • GameMill Entertainment
  • Raw Thrills
  • Raw Thrills
Offline play
Download required

Version 1.06 on cart. At the time of testing (April 2024), the game has a patch to version 1.07.

Completed 100%, which includes completing all Cruis’n Tours on all difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme), obtaining Gold trophies for all tours in all difficulties, beating all Arcade tracks with Gold trophies, finding all 87 hidden keys, unlocking all vehicles, maxing all vehicles to level 5, and obtaining all upgrades for each vehicle (Neon, Decals, Body Kits and Engine).
**Please note, not all vehicles have Decals, but all vehicles do have neon, body kits and engine parts. All were obtained for this playthrough.**

This game runs at a solid frame rate throughout. Only noticed very minor slowdown twice through the entire playtime. This only occurred when using N20 Blast, and even then it only occurred twice.

Issues found:

- On one occasion, we got stuck on a bridge when performing a jump off of a ramp. Took a few seconds to get unstuck and continue. Ended up having to restart the race, but this issue never happened again.

- There were moments where we attempted to drift, and the vehicle wouldn’t respond. Would have to press the drift button again for the car to respond. While it’s not major by any means, it can feel a bit frustrating when the game isn’t responding to your initial input.

- Another issue with drift occurred when the vehicle would stop drifting abruptly with no particular reason. Couldn’t figure out what would cause this to occur.

- On rare occasions, a strange issue does arise when crossing the finish line. We should have been in first place, but the game counted it as second place. After using the built in recording feature of the Nintendo Switch, we noticed that for some reason, one of the cars in the race would disappear entirely and would cause a miscalculation of our placement in the race. This didn’t happen often, but it does happen from time to time.

Single races are also available on cart.
Time attack is also offered on the cartridge.
There's also an option for Local Play in the main menu, but we didn't test this function with a second Nintendo Switch and an additional game.

Local multiplayer is offered for up to four players on the cartridge.

Difficulty options: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.

Accessibility options: Tilt Controls and Auto-Accelerate are available to the player. Tried tilt controls in handheld, and it didn’t feel great, so we turned it off again. Auto Accelerate works as intended.

Languages: English

No DRM. Played handheld mode.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on Switch OLED