Darq: Ultimate Edition
Series X & One

Darq: Ultimate Edition

(PEGI - Ultimate Edition)

Nov 10, 2022
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Arcade
  • Feardemic
  • Unfold Games
(*) Offline play
Download required
(*) Disclamer: Xbox One and Series X|S consoles require an internet connection to set up/activate the system for the first time. An active Microsoft account is also required to play.

Both Series X and Xbox One versions on the disc (Version 1.0.0 on both).
Only a minor patch exists for both versions (Version after the update) at the time of testing (Jan 2024).

The graphic novel is available on the disc, in-game, in a dedicated tab from the main menu (called "Dream Journal". Both The Crypt and The Tower DLCs are available on the disc and are playable at any time. Also features Chapter select.
The Series X version features both Cinematic and Performance graphics modes.

Very rare aliasing and shimmering observable in a few areas in the game, such as the tomb area of The Crypt DLC.

Extremely solid disc build overall.

Languages available on disc: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Danish

It must be noted that the language selection only applies to the game interface; the Dream Journal graphic novel is unaffected by the language setting and seems to be available only in English.

Tested by Community Report on Xbox Series X