Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

(PEGI - Standard)

Aug 30, 2023
  • Shooter
  • Adventure
  • Leonardo Interactive
  • GS2 Games
  • Invader Studios
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

Sadly,the game isn’t great without patches.

Some but not all cutscenes have nothing but ambient sound so you can’t hear the characters talking or any story.
This can’t even be alleviated by having subtitles enabled as without the character voices the subtitles also don’t work.

Experienced 2 crashes which closed the game.

Due to the cutscene sound issues tester could not finish the game as they had no idea what was happening in the story.

In theory, it can be played from disc but we’d use that loosely as the issues take away from the over all experience

The patch fixes all the sound issues and crashing so we argue the download is required to fully enjoy the game.

Tested by Community Report on Base PS5