Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998

(PEGI - Black Edition)

Apr 28, 2020
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Destructive Creations
  • Invader Studios
Offline play
Download required

-The deer bobbleheads' counter is very buggy. It will rarely show the correct number. However, they all unlocked properly and saved between playthroughs.

-Due to the issue with the deer bobbleheads' counter, entering the Extra section of the main menu can reset the checkpoint to the beginning of the latest section, deleting some progress. Highly recommend that players avoid entering this menu unless they're at the beginning of a section. Sections can be recognized by the different texts that appear on the loading screen.

-Encountered a few issues with the manual saves at the terminals where they worked properly while reloading checkpoints in-game, but restarting the game would reset progress to the last automatic checkpoint instead of the manual save. The terminals in the Sewers had particular issues in this sense.

-Sometimes minimizing the game by entering the PS5 console menu while having a note or the inventory open would cause the game to get stuck and require a checkpoint reload. Most of the time, entering the options menu and exiting it would solve this.

-Encountered a single instance of an enemy partly clipping through a texture.

-In the Sewers, encountered a single instance of an enemy falling from a bridge and getting stuck.

-In the laboratory in Chapter 3, the corpse falling from upstairs partially clips through the floor.

-Encountered a crash during the first phase of the final boss fight.

-The final boss can get stuck easily during the first phase. However, moving near him will solve this.

-Some notes can only be read on a website outside the game.

-"Modern-take" mode is missing from the disc version.

-Version on disc: 1.00

-Languages on disc: English, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)

-Accessibility settings: Aim mode assist/auto, adjustable controller and aiming sensitivity.

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS5 BC