Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cozy Edition
Series X

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cozy Edition

(PEGI - Cozy Edition)

Oct 27, 2023
Offline play
Download required

Played this game for over 100 hours in 3 weeks of testing. Completed a lot of quests and a lot of side content. Well over 75% of the characters in the town.

Really tried to break the game as well by filling the areas to the brim with items and decorations.

Eventually had 1 freeze where for some reason a character wouldn’t start their conversation when approached and just stood there which unfortunately meant we had to close the game and restart it from the dash board.

A nice side note is that the extra content advertised on the box is actually on the disc and not a voucher code, so buying it pre-owned will give you the same experience.

Strong reliable build on the disc.

NOTE: Most online stores show a version with a banner at the bottom saying the game requires internet and subscription. This is false and Gameloft dropped all internet requirements shortly before release.

Tested by Community Report on Xbox Series X