Evil West

Evil West

(PEGI - Standard)

Nov 22, 2022
  • Shooter
  • Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Adventure
  • Focus Entertainment
  • Flying Wild Hog
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

Version 1.00 and 32,82gb on disc. We were able to finish the game offline via data on disk, but with a few (partly serious) caveats.

In the first run, once we arrived at mission 11 (A Man of Peole), we could no longer continue due to a killer bug during the destruction of the monsters' nests: After throwing the grenade, it did not explode in the fourth nest (near cemetery). The situation was unsolvable even by reloading the save or selecting a previous level, because the problem remained due to the automatic save everytime we returned in this level.
We had to delete the save and create a new one and restart the game from beginning.
In the second run, having reached level 11 and destroying each nest in order after eliminating nearby monsters, the bug did not appear.

We also encountered some small graphic glitches.
E.g., in the first level some shadows were too dark, hiding entire parts of rock or trunks.
In the second level into the Rentier base, the flooring of the upper floors was too bright.
In level 16 the hair of the final boss gets weirdly stretched in a straight line towards the walls.

In level 6 (Remote RI Outpost), in the middle, a possible bug prevents you from using punches with the glove (when you reload the save, the glove becomes usable again).

Stopping the credits after the end of level 16, we encountered a crash that took us to the PS5 dashboard.

Despite these issues, the game can be finished offline from 1.00 build.
You can select levels once you've completed them, and after finishing them you can start NG+ to unlock missing power-ups or collectibles.

Tested by Community Report on Base PS5
Also tested on: