F1 24

F1 24

(ESRB - Standard)

May 31, 2024
  • Racing
  • Simulator
  • Sport
  • EA Sports
  • Codemasters
Offline play
Download required

Offline Modes & Features
- Driver Career
- My Team Career
- Gran Prix
- Time Trial
- Customization
- Trophies
- Showroom
- Split-Screen
- LAN Game

- All 25 launch tracks are included on disc

- Only the 2023 F2 Roster is on disc. The 2024 roster will be in a post launch update

- The title screen tells you to update the game for the final F1 2024 car models however there seems to be only very minor differences in materials on a few of the cars between the disc build and patch.

- Trophies cannot be earned without a PSN account.

Career Mode Bugs:
- In Player Career mode, using the “Standard” or “Expert” settings filters at any point (including during the career setup), will cause every single race (Including practice and qualifying) to entirely take place during sunset. Weather forecasts also become messed up and don’t provide accurate information after this point. These issues do not happen when using the “Casual” settings filter but the issue will still happen even if you change the filter after starting your save. These issues also do not happen in any other mode, including My Team.

- If normal Subtitles are enabled, they will overlap with the subtitles used in the Player Career

- In My Team Career, your player hat clips through your camera when in the paddock.

Misc Bugs:
- If HDR is enabled, the game will still give you the ability to adjust the gamma setting during the first time setup. Normally this option is supposed to be locked when HDR is enabled.

- In F1 World, your own character model is placed in a strange location when highlighting the “Play” option.
When highlighting the “Trophies” button in F1 World, the game will spawn two characters in each location who clip into each other.

- When playing without a PSN account, your player name will appear as “lng_unresolved” in F1 World

- Sometimes during races your race engineer will tell you that you have front wing damage, even when there is no front wing damage whatsoever.

LAN play was tested between two copies of the game (both running without updates), one being the PS4 version and the other being the PS5 version using only an Ethernet cable connecting the two consoles together with no external internet connection. Both versions could connect and play with each other with no noticeable problems. Player names in LAN play will default to “Player One”. You can change your player name with the “Set LAN Name” option.

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS4 Pro