Forza Motorsport
Series X

Forza Motorsport

(ESRB - Standard)

Oct 10, 2023
  • Racing
  • Simulator
  • Sport
  • Xbox Game Studios
  • Turn 10 Studios
Offline play
Download required

Disc contains data for both the base game as well as the High Resolution Track Textures, however the game cannot be booted straight from the disc without updates, as the console just displays a message telling you to go online.

The update size at the time of testing was about 67GB (Without the High Res Textures), or 99GB (Including the High Res Textures).

Even after updating the game the offline content is extremely bare. The only mode that can be accessed offline is Free Play which allows you to play with any track and car, however all other modes are disabled including the single player career mode.

All forms of progression are also disabled in offline mode, including the ability to customize and upgrade cars which means you will only be able to use the stock versions of any of the cars.

The first time setup only gets saved when you are online, meaning you’ll have to go through it each time you reboot your game, any settings you change while offline do carry over between reboots but will not carry over when you connect to the internet.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Xbox Series X