(PEGI - Standard)

Feb 27, 2018
  • Racing
  • Simulator
  • Sport
  • Arcade
  • Milestone
Offline play
Download required

Game ID: CUSA07863
Version: 1.00
Size on disc: 12.46 GB

This game is complete and playable from disc without any patches. "Off-Road Masters" Career Mode was 100% completed in this playthrough.
The game runs at a resolution of 1080p, at a locked 30 fps when unpatched. If patched, the game will run at 1080p 60 fps on PS5.
Almost all trophies are obtainable offline, with the exception of two trophies that are multiplayer-only. As such, obtaining the Platinum trophy for this game is impossible offline.
Tracks from the "Off-Road Masters" career mode unlock normally in the Free mode and Time Attack mode. These two modes work fine as well.
The "Milestone" intro FMV is extremely pixelated and laggy for no apparent reason.
Certain textures were noticeably slow to load: car liveries frequently take a second to load-in. Some pop-in was also noticed, although these are fairly minor issues.
At the end of each race, an error saying the upload of the race replay has failed will appear. This is skippable and not an issue, although a bit annoying to see at the end of each race.
Sometimes, sound will momentarily cut off at the beginning of races.
AI racers have a yellow rectangle above their names, only seen directly from above.
On one occasion, the color of the player's car was bugged. It would change between the normal color and black, and dirt textures were the color of the car too instead of brown like normal.
There were two races where other racers did not show up on the mini map.
There was one head-to-head race in which the adversary racer respawned a bit behind, despite not being out of bounds. It happened in this playthrough, but it is in general unlikely to happen.
The game crashed and had a "Game or App Error" three times in this playthrough, one of the times resulted in the console having to be restarted. These crashes tend to happen in the middle of multiple race Events.
The PS4 controller features, namely, the controller's lights displaying the rev limiter's lights according to how low or high the revs are, work perfectly fine on the PS5 Dualsense.

In summary, it's not the most polished disc build out there, but it is in a good enough state to deliver all it has to offer.

Notes: When unpatched, the game has no background image for the PS5 menu, so the image displayed will be a default PS5 media image. Patching the game also removes a film grain effect that might be bothersome to some players.

Tested by Community Report on PS5 BC