Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

(USK - Standard)

Oct 16, 2018
  • Puzzle
  • Simulator
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Mastiff
Offline play
Download required

Latest version is on the disc (shows as version 1.00 within the console menu).

Very minor and rare aliasing observed in some areas (such as in the kitchen of the house).
Occasional minor texture pop-in observed.
No object collision with the playable character, which leads to some weird animations when opening doors toward the player, as they seem to simply go through the playable character.

In Chapter 4, before solving the lab puzzle, if the player misses the key in the keyhole right at the beginning of the chapter, backtracking to get it will reset the encounter with the pursuing ghost.
In Chapter 5, a bloody locker on floor 4 holding a document could not be opened, making the collectible inaccessible. Even though the interaction icon appears, it does not do anything. Unable to confirm the frequency of this bug, as it did not seem to appear in other YouTube walkthroughs.
Near the end of Chapter 5, if the player is crouched when triggering the cutscene, the playable character will be unable to move. This is easily fixed by reloading the checkpoint, but this puts the player in the next room, which can cause the collectible in that part to be missed if it was not collected before the start of the cutscene.

Features chapter select, with a precise count of how many collectibles per chapter the player has acquired, which is very helpful in backtracking and acquiring missing collectibles.

Overall a very solid disc build.

PSVR version not tested.

Languages on disc: English, French, German, Spanish
Accessibility settings: N/A

Tested by Community Report on PS5 BC