Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection

Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection

(ESRB - Limited Run Games)

Nov 22, 2023
  • Shooter
  • Platform
  • Adventure
  • Limited Run Games
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

Completely playable offline with no download required.
Platinum trophy achieved with all PS achievements unlocked across seven games.

Select titles have notably been modified from their original releases for various reasons, such as removing copyrighted material (Red Cross symbol for health items, Kenner Products logo in JP SNES, etcetera). Alterations that stuck out for this user was the removal of digitized character portraits in the hint system for JP SNES and a "softened" color palette for the NES.

-- Technical issues that were present in the original releases, such as slow-down / framerate drops (ex. Grant's sliding animation in JP GEN, first-person shooter sequences in JP SNES) or flickering sprites (ex. JP NES), are likely retained in these altered ports.

-- Slight crackling / popping noise can be heard on the default sound setting throughout the original SNES game. Did not try any other options for reference.

-- Map option for the original GB has this hideous red-and-green checkerboard image usually in place of the outside ground texture. It appears like the original map image was PNG with the ground color mistakenly left as a transparent background. Doesn't effect the actual game itself. Also, the GB map notably does not feature a numbered solution for the terminal puzzle unlike the NES version. As another side note, the NES map appears to retain the original color palette for the levels.

-- On every occasion after unpausing the GB games, whatever firearm that's equipped would shoot without any direct input. The first game usually fires off a single shot while the sequel causes the gun to continuously rapid fire. Pressing the respective attack button stops the issue.

-- Handful of instances where unpausing the GEN games would stop the background music. Unpausing again would typically fix the problem. Regarding the Rampage Edition on GEN, the flipping sound effect for the Velociraptor would sometimes keep playing in a loop when spamming the animation. Restarting the level would address the fault, but it sometimes would stop or cancel out from other sounds.

Tested by Community Report on Base PS5