LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Deluxe Edition

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Deluxe Edition

(ESRB - Deluxe Edition, Revision 000)

Apr 5, 2022
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • WB Games
  • Traveller's Tales
Offline play
Download required

Version on cart is 1.0.0

Deluxe Edition content is only included as a download code.

Completed the entire 20 hour campaign off cart, and did some but not all side missions/collectibles.

Game has severe pop-in issues, to the point where it can affect the overall experience.

There are frame-drops in overworld and in cutscenes. But they are more noticeable in cutscenes.

One level in Episode VI is basically unplayable due to pop-in and bad frame-rate, but it is on rails so it will progress automatically even if you cant really play it. We're not sure if there are collectibles in this section, but if there are they may be hard to acquire.

Load times overall are not too bad usually around 5-10 seconds, however loading into a new planet can take longer up to 20-25 seconds.

The game sometimes loads slower than the action happening on screen, sometimes a player will beat an enemy, or do a platforming challenge, and the game will seem like its stuck when in actuality, it is just loading the next segment of the game. It plays out like small 5 second pauses.

When transitioning between cutscenes, load screens and gameplay segments there are often a few glitched frames.

In Episode IX, one of the fighters didn't load properly, making the section unplayable. Game had to be reset, and progressed properly after that. There were no other crashes or resets.

There are reports on instances where some side-quests couldn't be completed due to bugs. However all side-quests we attempted were completable.

Overall, its still mostly playable and there's enjoyment to be had, but it is also probably the worst version of the game across all platforms.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on Switch OLED