Livestream: Escape From Hotel Izanami

Livestream: Escape From Hotel Izanami

(Asia - Standard, Revision 001)

Apr 15, 2021
  • Adventure
  • qureate
Offline play
Download required

Ver 1.0.1 on cart

-Tested in English
-Found all notes and did not encounter any bugs or problems with any items and their effects.
-Got all 5 endings
-Didn't encounter any problems with any of the puzzles.
-Unlocked all images and videos in Extras menu.

Minor bugs
-Had an odd encounter with a mascot that pushed me in an odd way. Likely due to how it spawned on top of or very close to the player character.
-When talking sometimes odd effects happen on screen, e.g., for a split second varying icons/letters appear on screen. After that text is displayed normally again.
-Occasional long loading times.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base Switch