Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11

(PEGI - Standard)

Apr 23, 2019
  • Fighting
  • Shiver Entertainment
  • WB Games
  • WB Games New York
  • QLOC
  • NetherRealm Studios
Offline play
Download required

Offline materials - on disc without internet connection there's classic Towers (Arcade with endings, Survival and Infinite), 23 characters with 2 colored skins, 2 fatalities- 2 brutalities, Cinematic Story mode, character moves personalization, Practice, Vs CPU\local versus.

Available after D1 patch - Frost (unlock her after completing Story Mode part 4), Kronika's Hourglass arena variations (after finish Story mode), characters tutorial and trials.

Available\unlocked only online: The Krypt, Time Towers, all rewards (alternate skins, artworks for gallery, other brutalities and more).

Some early versions of characters without subsequent updates and D1 patches are different than the versions in the Ultimate edition.
Characters like Liu Kang or Jade have fewer attacks to create certain juggles and combos.

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Tested by Community Report on Base PS4