Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL

(PEGI - Standard)

Mar 1, 2016
  • Fighting
  • WB Games
  • NetherRealm Studios
  • High Voltage Software
  • QLOC
Offline play
Download required

33 characters on disc (DLC included: Tremor, Goro, Triborg, Bo Rai Cho, Tanya, Leatherface, Jason, Alien, Predator).
1 basic alternative costume for each character unlockable offline in Krypt or beating Klassic Arcade Tower.
2 fatalities for each character (second fatalities works also knowing the correct input, without unlock), many brutalities unlockable - offline in the Krypt.
All brutalities early unlocked for DLC chars.
Klassic fatalities pack on disc.
The Pit Arena on disc.
Many costume packs on disc (except Revenant skins for Liu Kang and Kung Lao, Metal skin pack for Sub Zero, Ermac, Scorpion, - Cosplay pack, Female MK2 ninja pack).
Character’s gameplay changes and fixing on disc.

Offline modes:
Klassic Towers (Klassic arcade, Test Your Luck, Test Your Might, Endless, Survivor)
VsCPU\human (local)
Test your luck (single match with modifiers)
Training (Practice, Fatality training, Tutorial)
Gallery (endings remain saved offline here, not like MK1 gallery)

*Online only modes
Vs online\ranked
Faction War
Living Towers
Tower Challenges

Tested by Community Report on Base PS4