Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden: River City Girls 1-2

Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden: River City Girls 1-2

(CERO - Standard, Revision 000)

Dec 1, 2022
  • Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • WayForward
Offline play
Download required

River City Girls 1

Version 1.2.0 is on cart.

Completed the game 100%. This includes completing the main campaign, purchasing all items, completing all the secrets, purchasing all Dojo moves for every character, recruited every enemy type, completed the game a second time through NG+, finding all the collectibles, visited all areas, and completed all side missions.

During the playthroughthe game ran great, as expected.
Only very minor hiccups, such as few noticeable stutters, and the game once froze for a second or two when obtaining a collectible. Nothing major.
One software error did occur, but thankfully, there was no progress lost.
Sometimes enemies clipped into an object, but this didn’t cause any issues.

Game can be played co-op with two players. Tester played the game solo, but did test this and can confirm two player mode is built onto the cartridge, along with being able to turn on/off friendly fire.

Played in handheld and docked. Game performed the same in both instances. No DRM.

Accessibility options included: None available.

Difficulty options: Normal and Hard.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese.


River City Girls 2

Version on cart.

Played to 99% completion. Despite attempting 100%, tester was unable to obtain full completion.

Played the entire main campaign of this version of the game in coop. The rest to obtain 99% was done in solo. Game does seem to run better in single player compared to co-op.

Unlike the Limited Run Games release, four player is not available here.

Completed the following: Found all enemy types, including all variants and recruited all of them. Found all hirable recruits. Beat the main game. Beat the game again through New Game +, found all collectibles in the main game and collectibles in New Game +, got all characters to level 30, purchased every dojo move for each of the characters, purchased every consumable item and consumed them, found every secret collectible, all secret rooms found, all areas explored, all side missions completed, and purchased/found every accessory.

This game is beatable from start to finish from the cartridge build, at least the main story and NG+.

Just like the Limited Run Games build, there are framerate issues for the backgrounds. While running with the characters, a lot of the backgrounds are constantly stuttering. This seems to happen in specific and bigger areas. Most smaller room areas were pretty okay over all. Also, this doesn’t seem to be noticeable while walking, mainly only happens while running.

Enemies sometimes get clipped into an object, and are basically frozen in place. The player cannot hit the enemy, and the enemy will not attack. They eventually would go back to normal, but this did happen quite a few times.

There is one particular boss fight that is extremely buggy in coop. We struggled beating the boss because of certain environmental platforms. The best way to explain this spoiler-free: The game would spawn these environmental platforms in very strange areas, which would constantly cause them to clip in and out. Because of this, we died multiple times. Eventually, we did beat the boss, but it was a massive amount of frustration. Additionally, when returning to this boss in New Game +, playing solo, these issues didn’t occur, so it may be just a coop issue.

On one occasion, an enemy hit pushed the player character behind a fence, unable to escape the fenced area, requiring a restart from the main menu which forced a restart of the mission.

On one occasion, when booting the game, it wouldn’t allow to click anything. At the main menu, the game says press A to start. But nothing worked. Joycons were working just fine in the Switch menu, but wouldn’t work in game. Restarting the game fixed the issue.

Speaking of the main menu, there is also this very strange issue where the menu is just super sluggish and laggy. This only happens when quitting the game to go back to the main menu. This doesn’t happen when starting the game from scratch from the Switch menu.

There was also an issue with the controls menu. The player is allowed to change the buttons on the controls from the main menu and from the safe houses within the game itself. There were times where trying to change one button to another just would not work. Eventually, we were able to change buttons, but for some odd reason, it didn’t work right away.

On multiple occasions, when a mission is assigned to the player, there is a checklist presented, and every time an item in that checklist is completed, a check mark would appear. But on multiple missions, the checklist would already have the check marks as if the missions were completed. Although, this doesn’t mean the game registered the missions as complete. You would still have to complete every single one of those items on the check list for it to count as complete.

Additionally, every time a side mission appears for the player, it is marked by a question mark on the map. Once that side mission is complete, the question mark should disappear. These question marks did disappear on the first playthrough of the main campaign. Some do not disappear in New Game +. This makes it seem as if there are still missions available for the player to complete when there actually aren’t.
Here lies the issue for the lack of 100% completion. From what we can tell, there are side missions that were actually completed, but for some reason, the game doesn’t register them as complete. We did the exact same process on the Limited Run Games build and were able to obtain 100%, but we weren’t able to here. There is one area in particular of note, and that is the Riverside Rest Area. This area has a side mission where the player is tasked to take selfies in front of certain landmarks. We completed this side mission during the main game playthrough, before NG+. And it was marked as complete. We even went back and verified this on another switch with a back up save created before starting NG+. On that save, we had 88% completion up to that point, all objectives had been completed, all side missions completed, including this selfie mission. When going to the NG+ save file, for whatever reason, the question mark still appears on the map, as if this mission had never been completed. When traveling to this specific area, the character that triggers this side mission doesn’t appear at all, but the question mark remains on the map.
Even took it a step further. We went back and made sure we purchased every single item. We went back to all secret areas. We went back to make sure we had all collectibles. We went back and hired every recruit. We looked to make sure we had all enemy recruits. We went back to make sure we purchased all dojo moves. We even patched the game on an online switch to version 1.0.4 and transferred the save over. We were able to complete objectives that were showing incomplete for some reason, and even then, we were still stuck at 99%. The only thing that remains is this ghost mission on the map in Riverside Rest Area, that doesn’t have a mission at all. Even post patch, this mission still remains. All other objectives are gone and complete. Going to try and contact the devs and see if we can figure that bug out, as it doesn’t seem to be fixed even with the latest patch. (As of the time of this test, Jan 2024)

There is a collectible known as the Tarrot Cards. One of these Tarrot Cards is bugged in the Sports Store. We were able to finally grab it after several attempts. The card is hidden inside of a statue, and everytime you hit the statue, half of the card would appear, and the game would not allow us to grab the card for several attempts.

In the area known as: “Ocean Heights,” there is supposed to be a parade that appears in one of the areas. This parade never populated during our test. Without playing the LRG version first, we would have likely never noticed this. Although, there is a Selfie mission, which allows the player to take selfies in front of landmarks as mentioned before. One of the selfies is supposed to be taken in front of a parade float. The selfie can still be taken, but the icon for the selfie appears on the road instead of in front of the float. Once the selfie is taken, the photo appears as if you have taken a picture in front of this float that just never appears.

Cutscenes are unskipable in this version of the game. Also, boss intro cutscenes are unskipable. This is noticeable after playing the LRG version, which did allow the player to skip said cutscenes.

Got one software error during testing. No progress loss due to this error though.

Accessibility options included: None available.

Difficulty options: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
Voice languages: English and Japanese.

Played this handheld and docked. Game performed the same in both instances. No DRM.

Overall, it’s no contest which version wins out here. LRG printed the better build of the game. The two carts have two different builds, so save transfers aren’t available, which is why I had to re beat the entire game from scratch. This version is just much buggier. What saves this version of the game is that RCG 1 is included on cart and the build of that game is phenomenal. This one is serviceable enough, but just expect a lot of bugs to occur, frame rate issues, and don’t expect to 100% complete the game, as it doesn’t seem possible.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on OLED Switch
Carts revisions:
Revision Version on cart Front cart code Download size for update Comments
000 1.2.0, LA-H-A8G3A-JPN 1.6 GB Complete on cart for River City Girls 1. River City Girls 2 has a patch. Downloads to version 1.0.4