Neon White

Neon White

(ESRB - Standard, Revision 000)

Jun 16, 2022
  • Shooter
  • Platform
  • Indie
  • Visual Novel
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • 24 Bit Games
  • Ben Esposito
Offline play
Download required

Version 1.0.2 tested

Played for 25 hours. Finished the game with 100% completion. Played 100% docked, additionally tested some levels in handheld.

Performance in docked mode is good, but there are some frame drops, although, they don't affect gameplay.
The performance gets a little bit rougher for the last 5 levels, but it didn't cause mishaps.

There were almost no frame drops when playing in handheld mode. Tested the levels with the worst performance issues.

Gyro control is turned off by default, but is on cart.

No bugs or issues.
No crashes.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on Base Switch