No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads

(PEGI - Standard)

Aug 25, 2020
  • Music
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Adventure
  • Sold Out
  • H2 Interactive Co., Ltd.
  • Fireshine Games
  • Metronomik
Offline play
Download required

Game ID: CUSA19179

Version: 1.00
Size on disc: 10.91GB

The game is fully complete on disc, and fully playable offline, but there are a few issues.

Some slight pop-in was sometimes noticed on characters when they appeared on screen, and on backgrounds when the camera angle changed.
Textures and lights take a moment to load when entering some spaces. Very minor issue.
The character you're not controlling will sometimes have trouble following you, but will never get stuck.
There was one time where the player's character wasn't able to jump after talking to someone. Talking again to them solved the issue.
The "Press X to Talk" to a character prompt might sometimes persist in the character you're no longer controlling.
Characters might very rarely present black dots all over them, including in cutscenes.

This disc build is missing the "Encore Edition" patch 1.05, which adds some changes to the game. Here's how the disc build differs from it:

- This version doesn't have an option to keep playing after dying in exchange for a lower score, like it does when patched. When you lose in this version, you have to restart the level entirely.
- The HUD in this version only has the minimap on the bottom left corner of the screen, whereas the patched version has the minimap on the top left corner, and Mayday's guitar case on the bottom left.
- Some additional HUD elements might very rarely not work properly. For example, the Action gauge needed to transform objects will not display the transformation progress correctly, but it'll still work.
- The pause menu is different from the patched version.
- Some levels are different in the unpatched version. Some colors, backgrounds, and enemies are different.
- Stickers are one use only, while they have infinite uses on the patched version.
- Overall, the game is noticeably more difficult when unpatched, even at the normal difficulty.

- Most importantly, there is progression-breaking bug that may occur when you finish the game: replaying a boss fight on a different difficulty has a chance to lock the difficulty to "Normal", despite clearly being set to another difficulty. This will affect the save data for the remainder of the playthrough, requiring a fresh start on a new save to get rid of. As such, obtaining the Platinum trophy might be impossible due to difficulty specific trophies. This bug has been completely fixed in the latest 1.05 patch.

Framerate is perfect, absolutely no drops in performance were noticed.
Local 2 player support available.

The game is overall polished enough, and can be fully enjoyed this way. But the increased difficulty makes it less enjoyable, and the possible progression-breaking bug doesn't allow us to give it a flawless score.

Text Language: English, Japanese, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Italian, Korean, Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian
Voice Language: English, Japanese, French, Spanish

Tested by Community Report on PS5 BC