Oddworld Collection

Oddworld Collection

(ESRB - Standard, Revision 000)

May 27, 2021
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Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssey

Version 1.0.2 on cart. Currently no patch available at the time of testing (March 2024). Complete on cart.

Completed the game 100% which consists of completing the game, achieving Angelic Quarma by saving all Fuzzles, Mudokon Srubs, and Labor Eggs for all levels.
By doing this, the game unlocks two additional levels to complete for the Good Ending, in which we also saved all Fuzzles, Mudokon Scrubs and Labor Eggs.

Some issues of the original seem to have been brought along with this port, based on research done online.

One of the first notable issues is sound. Some of the characters voices are extremely low and hard to hear. We had to consistently raise the volume to hear certain characters. Other sound effects or characters are really loud. There didn’t seem to be a good in between.

Jump and interact are assigned to the same button. Sometimes, instead of interacting with certain things, pressing the button would just result in the character jumping, as the game wouldn't register the interaction properly.
This issue also affects other button prompts. For example, the Y button is run, but that button is also used for a sound effect (burp or fart). Sometimes when attempting to run, we would instead make the sound effect.
This happens with a lot of buttons that have multiple actions tied to the button. There were some buttons that weren’t used, such as the UP or DOWN D-pad, and those could have been used to do the burp or fart sound effects for example. This issue causes a lot of frustration and sometimes death depending on the situation.

In certain circumstances, the player can tell other characters to carry out a certain action. For example, if the player has found some Mudokons within a level, the player can tells those Mudokons to attack enemies or interact with certain objects. The issue that arises is that the characters sometimes don’t interact with whatever is right in front of them. On several occasions, we asked them to pull a lever that was in front of them and they responded with “there is nothing to do, Abe!” Or sometimes we would try to get them to attack an enemy that was in front of them, and again, we received the same response. This again can cause a lot of frustration that can lead to death, losing a side character (Mudokon or Fuzzles) or taking damage.

We also encountered stuttering. It appears that when the game is trying to load certain areas of a level, it will stutter for a moment and then go back to normal. This issue became more prevalent as the playthrough continued. In later levels when there were multiple enemies on screen, the game would stutter in a certain spot a few times before returning back to normal.

The quick save feature can cause some minor issues. There is a temporary power the player can obtain which allows the character to run faster than normal. This item is called Expresso. For some reason, if the player quick saves while the Expresso is activated, when returning to the game, the character runs at normal speed instead of faster speed. It’s recommended to not use quick save during these segments.

We encountered a glitch that required to restart the game entirely. On the second to last level, we threw a TNT crate at an enemy which triggered the glitch. At first, the game began to alter its surroundings, where certain walls began to pop in where they weren’t supposed to be. Then, the game began to go pitch black with a green circle appearing in the middle. We tried to pause, move around, etc, but nothing worked to fix the glitch. This glitch only happened once, but we had to load a manual save to play the section again.

The game is certainly rough around the edges, but still enjoyable overall

Difficulty options: None

Accessibility options: None, but quick save is supported which makes the game more accessible.

Languages: English, German, Spanish and French.

No DRM. Played handheld mode.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Version 1.0.0 on cart.
*Please note* Patch is currently available (March 2024), but the version number stays the same at 1.0.0. We are unsure what this patch actually does.

Completed the game 100%, which consisted of finding all 299 Mudokons and beating the game.

Experienced rare small stutters during gameplay. Otherwise, the game runs extremely well and very impressively.

Elum, the animal that Abe can ride on, got stuck on one occasion, thankfully we were able to get him unstuck after a couple of attempts.
On another occasion, we were calling him over, but he wouldn’t follow as he was supposed to.

On one occasion, the enemies on screen lost their sound, though everything else on screen still had their proper sounds. This only happened in one room.

Toward the end of the game, we encountered a more severe issue. There was a moving spike bomb that would not explode no matter what we threw at it. Technically, if an enemy is rammed into the moving bomb, it should explode making it disappear. By throwing a bomb at it, it should also explode it. No matter what we tried, the moving spike bomb wouldn’t explode. This made it somewhat complicated to save the Mudokons within the room. We had to save them one by one in order to bypass the moving bomb to ensure it didn’t kill our Mudokons. If we tried to save them in multiples, the moving spike bomb would detonate and explode, killing our Mudokons. The spiked ball is definetly glitched because when we left the area and returned, the spike bomb would glitch in and out.

The game also froze at the final cutscene. We ended up restarting the game and beating the final area again and the cutscene played as intended.

Fantastic build of New N Tasty otherwise!

Difficulty options: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Accessibility options: None, but quick save is supported which makes the game more accessible.

Languages: English.

No DRM. Played handheld mode.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

Version 1.0.3 on cart. Currently no patch available at the time of testing (March 2024). Complete on cart.

Completed the game 100%, which consists of collecting all bounties (captured them all alive for extra measure), collected all 69 Moolah chests, collected all 18 moolah pots, found and destroyed all hidden barrels, collected the hidden idol, got every armor upgrade, obtained all upgrades for every ammo type, obtained Farmer Beeks money, found the hidden Black Market, and completed the game.

Noticed minor pop-in.

There is a really strange issue related to shadows. If an enemy is on a platform above you, the shadow of said enemy will be visible under the platform. Sometimes that same shadow will show up on multiple platforms.

There are also small stutters throughout the game. Often these are noticed when the game is saving, or when in a wide open area. Specifically, there is an area called Mongo Valley and a section on a boat where the stutters are bit more noticeable than normal.

Got one software error during the playthrough. Sadly, right after beating a boss, which we had to do again, as the game didn't autosave after the boss.

Gyroscope is supported on cart. Gyro felt great throughout the playthrough.

Difficulty options: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Accessibility options: None, but quick save is supported which makes the game more accessible.

Languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, and Chinese.

No DRM. Played handheld mode.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on OLED Switch
Carts revisions:
Revision Version on cart Front cart code Download size for update Comments
000 1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.0 LA-H-A3PYA-USA 28.1 MB ** Download for New N Tasty does not change version number. Not required/Complete on cart**