OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

(PEGI - Standard)

Jun 23, 2006
  • Racing
  • Sega
  • Sumo Digital
Offline play
Download required

Game ID: SEGA-PC029

Size on disc: 987.72MB

Game installed and played on Linux via Lutris.

This release is fully complete on disc, but minor user intervention is recommended.

SecuROM 7.24.0006 DRM is included on the disc, but installing and playing offline is possible on Linux. The CD check works fine too.

This disc includes all classic modes from OutRun 2, as well as a story mode called "Coast 2 Coast". The original arcade version of OutRun 2 SP is also included. There's a multiplayer mode too, but the servers have been shut down. All cars, items and tracks are unlockable.
Compared to the earlier OutRun 2 release, this 2006 version is missing the original 1986 OutRun, the Daytona USA 2 tracks, and the Scud Race tracks.

Controller support can be a hit or miss. The Dualsense used in this test worked fine, and had its inputs well mapped by default on the WINE version tested, but other WINE versions might not map inputs correctly.
Windows users might need to map the keybinds themselves, or resort to external solutions, like OutRun 2 FXT.

User intervention is recommended, but not mandatory for the following:
Bloom effects are missing due to the corresponding file being misplaced, caused by developer oversight. Placing the file in the correct folder restores bloom effects.
The game easily exceeds 60 fps, but the game physics are tied to the framerate. It is necessary to manually limit the framerate to 60 fps, either by setting the screen refresh rate to 60Hz and forcing V-Sync, or by using a 3rd party frame limiter like Rivatuner.
The default resolution is 640x480, but can be modified by editing the "outrun2006.ini" file.

A fantastic PC release overall, with great performance. Doesn't lag behind its console peers in terms of graphics or features.
Note: consult the PCGamingWiki's OutRun 2006 entry for instructions on how to fix the issues mentioned in this report.

Tested by Community Report on Arch Linux