(PEGI - Outlast Trinity)

Feb 4, 2014
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Red Barrels
Offline play
Download required

Version: 1.00
Size on disc: 7.329GB

General Notes:

No updates available. All trophies are obtainable.
The Dualsense controller supports light effects, such as the health status.
Some very minor pop-in is present on the game and DLC, resulting in very small white flashes in the edges of the screen as the assets load in. Very minor issue.

* Notes for Outlast:

Three playthroughs completed: one in Normal mode, one in Nightmare mode, and one in Insane mode.

There was one occasion where Walker got stuck at a door while trying to kick it down.
Indication prompts for hints stopped appearing in the final stage of the game.
Subtitles got superimposed over each other and flickered across two playthroughs, in a specific spot.
Trager got stuck on a door once.
There was one occasion where the player's character got decapitated for a few seconds. Looking around was possible, and the dead body of the player could be seen walking. Returned to normal afterwards.
There was one time where after dying, the game got stuck in a black screen instead of automatically reloading the checkpoint. Restarting the game was necessary.
Finishing the game and reaching the rolling credits will bring the player to an infinite loading screen. This happened on all playthroughs tested. Restarting the game was necessary to return to the main menu.

* Notes for Outlast Whistleblower:

Three playthroughs completed as well: one in Normal mode, one in Nightmare mode, and one in Insane mode.

There was a gas locker door that took a while to unlock despite having gotten successfully unlocked.
The game froze once right after reaching a saving spot where the player is looking at the burning church. Restarting was necessary. The game has notable tendency to freeze at this specific spot.
No further issues.

Perfectly playable disc build, with only a few annoyances that are easily fixed.

Tested by Community Report on PS5 BC