Panda Hero

Panda Hero

(PEGI - Standard, Revision 000)

Nov 22, 2018
  • Platform
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • TREVA Entertainment
  • Markt+Technik Verlag GmbH
  • Markt & Technik
  • Joindots
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1.0.0 on cart.
First few levels played fine, no bugs or glitches.
The last level of the first world had some weird texture bug where you walked in the sky instead of on the grass with the enemies for a few seconds.

The game, however, is UNBEATABLE, because the game keeps loading infinitely on level 5 of world 2. (Player needs to beat the levels in order to advance so it's impossible to play any other levels)

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base Switch
Carts revisions:
Revision Version on cart Front cart code Download size for update Comments
000 1.0.0 LA-H-ARCWA-EUR 35.7 MB Download updates to version 1.1.5