Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

(ESRB - Standard)

Oct 5, 2021
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Skybound Games
  • ManaVoid Entertainment
Offline play
Download required

There is a sound bug that occurs when opening treasure chests. The music glitches while opening them every time.

There are frame-drops in the overworld, and during some platforming sections. Some pretty bad, but they dont last too long. They dont impact gameplay too much but can be annoying.

Theres a 1:30 min loading screen before the game starts but after that everything loads quickly (less than 10 seconds).

Final boss has a glitch. For this boss theres a short platforming section, and the end of which there is a boss. Jumping into the boss is supposed to trigger the battle, however the boss is glitched and stands sideways rather than forwards. Jumping straight ahead will cause you to fall and restart the section.
There is a workaround for the above stated glitch. Player must jump to the boss at a diagonal angle, and helicopter glide around to their front. During our playthrough on the third attempt of doing this strategy the battle properly triggered.

No input lag for both docked and handheld. Combat scenarios play well.

Game is still very easily playable from start to finish despite some pesky bugs and performance issues

Tested by Nintendo Revised on Switch OLED