Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition

Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition

(Pegi - Ultimate Edition)

Oct 26, 2018
  • Adventure
  • Rockstar Games
  • Rockstar Games
Offline play
Download required

DLC is a code.

- Game has a very small chance of crashing in the wilderness.
- Small chance of seeing a dead animal slightly hovering above the ground and duplicating itself a few times.
- The weapon wheel stacks items instead of one big 99 item stack
- Pause menu map icons do not move correctly when moving the cursor.
- Arthur's chin facial hair texture shows up slightly on his lower lip and lower teeth.
- Weapons found in the world are "worn" instead of new.
- Dutch's deputy badge from chapter 3 has a chance of staying with him until the end of chapter 6.
- John's gunbelt and holster won't be added to the wardrobe in Epilogue.
- Pearson will use his younger chapter 1 look in Epilogue with a chance to spawn with his older Epilogue look after the end credits.
- Arthur's default suspenders won't be available in the wardrobe.
- The holsters in Epilogue( besides John's holster on John's gunbelt or weathered belt) will not attach correctly to your gunbelt causing pistols to float in all holsters unless it's John's holster.
- All belts in Epilogue will have incorrect bullet placement EXCEPT Arthur's gunbelt.
- No unique greets or taunts for Rufus after he joins the family.
- Having a long beard balloons the collar on certain coats and vests.
- Small chance of soft lock after getting arrested.
- Micah's revolver will not visually eject spent bullets when reloading
- Small chance of a double action revolver not visually ejecting spent bullets.
- Icons for legendary animals will not be crossed off in the pause menu map.
- Spent shells from the sawn off shotgun often float in place when reloading in first person.
- Wearing the union shirt and a vest in Epilogue can cause your arms and chest to turn into Arthur's depending on if your sleeves are rolled and your collar is closed.
- The chair in the Blackwater saloon will violently break if you order a dinner.
- John Marston's cowboy gloves clip slightly with his wrists in first person and with all shirts when the sleeves are full in both third and first person.
- John Marston's cassimere shirt sleeves clip with the rambler jacket.
- John Marston's ranch pants clip slightly with certain spurs.
- Bandolier fitments clip more often as John Marston.
- Extra Clean Shave beard style reverts back to default stubble if you swap to a saved outfit in the wardrobe or on a horse.
- Chance to t-pose for a second if kicked by a horse or robbing a horse from someone.
- John Marston's head will more often then not stay at perfect weight no matter his body weight.
- John Marston's overweight head clips heavily with his high neckerchief.
- John Marston's winter cowboy outfit shirt collar clips with his cowboy vest.
- Neck ties are not rigged properly to the player's neck when playing as John Marston when wearing certain shirts.
- Very rare chance for John Marston to spawn with his pre release/NPC head texture in Epilogue.
- When wearing the legion vest and a cassimere or flannel shirt there will be a visible gap between the players arms and the vest.

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS5 BC