Sega Rally

Sega Rally

(PEGI - Standard)

Sep 27, 2007
  • Racing
  • Sega
  • SEGA Racing Studio
  • Bugbear Entertainment
Offline play
Download required

Game ID: BLES00107
Version: 1.00
Size on disc: 3.608GB

No updates available for this game. It is fully complete on disc and fully playable offline.
Local split-screen multiplayer is available and fully working (only supports up to 2 players locally).
This game has no trophy support, as it was released before Sony's mandatory trophy requirement.
It runs at a native resolution of 1280x720 while targeting 30 fps.
Some very minor pop-in was noticed.
Mild frame drops and screen tearing are nearly constant, and more heavily pronounced when all cars are on screen, in dense vegetation areas, and when driving over water puddles.
When unpausing the game in the middle of a race, the player's car will often flicker back once, and back to normal. This is only a minor visual bug.
No further issues.

Note: This game is more commonly known as "Sega Rally Revo", as that's its name on NTSC regions. However, the PEGI version of this game is only called "Sega Rally".

Tested by Community Report on PS3 Fat