Shadowman Remaster

Shadowman Remaster

(ESRB - Limited Run Games)

Offline play
Download required

Ver 1.01 on disc

-Tested in English, English Subs and no "Secrets" turned on
-Did all endings
-114 out of 120 dark souls, 568 out of 666 Cadeaux
-Unlocked 64% of the trophies.
-Unlocked 1st Violator
-Did not get Lv 10, the 2nd Violator and didn't unlock the LVL 10 doors (all side stuff)

-Remaster added a new boss in the early game, added two new Retractors when the original game had two already placed, added a new Lv 10 Door with new power up if you get all dark souls and cadeaux.

Minor bugs
-Audio at the last boss became really low. Reloading fixed it.

Didn't encounter anything that prevented progress or finishing the game and credits.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base PS4