(ESRB - Retail version. Revision 000)

Oct 27, 2022
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Humble Games
  • rose-engine
Offline play
Download required

Version 1.0 on cart. Revision 000. At time of testing, there is a patch available to version 1.3. This test was done without any patches downloaded.

For this test, I completed the campaign which includes beating all 3 chapters and obtaining one of the main endings.
Please note, there appears to be three possible main endings available. I did not attempt to get the other two main endings because the requirements are extremely specific. I believe it would take too much time to try to obtain these opposite endings and would take several playthroughs to make it possible. The ending I was able to obtain is called “Memory.” Additionally, there is a secret ending that I did not attempt to obtain at this time. This requires the player to beat the game at least once, which was done here, and would require at least an entire second playthrough. While I believe this is more plausible, for the sake of time, I decided to skip this for now, and I may attempt this at a later time.

During this test, I only noticed minor issues.
One of the main and most consistent issues is a minor stutter that occurs while walking/running around. Sometimes it appears that the character stutters, and sometimes the backgrounds stutter. These stutters are very minor, and not very pronounced. I personally got used to this, as it happens pretty much through the entire run time. It’s not horrible by any means, just a slight inconvenience. Nonetheless it is worth mentioning.

Another slightly consistent issue that occurs is related to interactions. The player can interact with many items and doors around the world. This game is very similar to Resident Evil, so the player will be walking through multiple doors and picking up various items (weapons, healing items, etc). When attempting to walk through doors or picking up items, the character sometimes did not go through the doors or pick up the items. This means that I would have to click multiple times in order for the character to react with the interaction. Also, some items or doors required a very specific position in order to interact with it. This was a slight annoyance, and even could lead to death if there are enemies in the room. My best advice is to save often at the nearest save location just in case.

Another issue I noticed occurred during the later portions of the game. This issue is specifically related to doors. In some rare occasions, I would try to go through a door into another room, and the character would get stuck in the door. Within a few seconds the character would reappear in the room as expected. This issue did not cause deaths or restarts.

The last issue I encountered is related to the shooting mechanic. While it is serviceable, it’s not very good and could use some fine tuning in my opinion. To be honest, a lot of times I would just avoid enemies by walking around them, and just shoot when it was absolutely necessary.

I really enjoyed this game, and for any Resident Evil fans, this one comes highly recommended by me! But it is not perfect and has there minor issues.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Difficulty options: Casual, Normal, and Survival

Accessibility options: None

No DRM found. Played handheld mode on my Nintendo Switch OLED.

Tested by Community Report on Switch OLED