Silent Hill: Book of Memories
PS Vita

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

(ESRB - Standard)

Nov 2, 2012
  • Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Adventure
  • Konami
  • WayForward
Offline play
Download required

Test Notes:

* Runs at 30 FPS.

* Observed an enemy get stuck in a corner and unable to attack.

* Observed karma pile dropped from enemy on top of an object and unable to be picked up.

* Observed issue where an enemy could not be locked on to and was invincible.

* Minor texture flickering and overlapping observed.

* All trophies earned unlocked properly.

Content Completed:

* Blood ending obtained.

* Most Valtiel missions completed.

* All 21 Story Zones fully explored.

Additional Notes:

* 5 trophies require multiplayer to acquire therefore the Platinum trophy cannot be obtained in solo play.

* Once you complete the story you can continue playing with the same character. The game will randomly generate zones after the 21 story zones are finished. Zone limit is 500.

* 2-4 players are supported for local multiplayer via Ad-Hoc however this could not be tested.

* Version 1.00 on cart.

* Cart ID: PCSE-00011

* Spine ID: PCSE-00011L

* Number of players: 1-4 (Single Player, Ad-Hoc Multiplayer)

* Audio language supported: English, French, Portuguese - (Brazil), Spanish

* Menu language supported: English, French, Portuguese - (Brazil), Spanish

* Subtitle language supported: N/A

* Accessibility options: N/A

* Quality/Performance option: No

Tested by DoesItPlay on Vita OLED