Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

(ESRB - Standard (Reprint))

Nov 13, 2018
  • Platform
  • Adventure
  • Activision
  • Iron Galaxy Studios
  • Toys for Bob
(*) Offline play
Download required
(*) Disclamer: Xbox One and Series X|S consoles require an internet connection to set up/activate the system for the first time. An active Microsoft account is also required to play.

43.9GB on disc
This is the reprinted disc that includes all three games on disc without internet requirement, despite the case artwork still having the “Requires internet download” warning label.

A few ways to distinguish this reprint from the older disc is by 1) the addition of a 2019 copyright on the disc, 2) the inclusion of a Crash Team Racing promotional pamphlet inside of the case, or 3) an odd case they printed in 2023, where they used the Series X case but still used the original Xbox One layout (except the Xbox One banner is printed directly on the art instead of being part of the case itself and even forgot to include the Xbox logo in the spine).

Spyro 1 - Played to 120% completion with no issues, including bonus level.

Spyro 2 - Played to 100% completion, including bonus levels, with minimal issues:
• one npc was floating over a cliff after bumping into them, but was still accessible to interact with
• visual glitch with reflections when camera is near parallel with water surface

Spyro 3 - Played to 117% completion, including bonus level, with minimal issues:
• Spyro’s eyes look black in one of the underwater hub worlds near portals due to error with reflections

Collected all eggs, gems, objectives, minigames, etc in all three games. All content on disc, including the superfluous two gems and one egg in Spyro 3.

Language options not available in menus. Only defaults to English.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Xbox Series X