Series X & One


(ESRB - Standard)

Aug 10, 2023
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • BlueTwelve Studio
  • BlueTwelve Studio
(*) Offline play
Download required
(*) Disclamer: Xbox One and Series X|S consoles require an internet connection to set up/activate the system for the first time. An active Microsoft account is also required to play.

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of the game are on disc.

Version 20230.62805.731.0 on disc.
7.6GB on disc.

In-game, the version on the main menu’s lower left states: v1.5#371 (Revision 26632)

Voice languages: N/A

Text languages: English, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (LATAM), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), German

The game was played from start to finish with no issues whatsoever.

Performance was adequate all the way through and collectibles (like the option memories) are accessible.

There were very minor visuals bugs encountered throughout the playthrough, limited to illumination and texture pop-in when entering parts of the level where the vast cityscape is visible, but such visual shortcomings fixed themselves within two seconds once the aforementioned enter the player’s field of view.

Overall, an excellent physical release.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Xbox version of Stray was the last release of the title as of the moment of this test result compared to the PS4 and PS5 equivalents, hence this is the most recent and up to date build of the game available in physical format unless there is a future reprint or release for a newer console post PS5/Series X.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Xbox Series X