Stuntman: Ignition

Stuntman: Ignition

(PEGI - Standard)

Sep 17, 2007
  • Racing
  • THQ
  • Paradigm Entertainment
Offline play
Download required

Game ID: BLES00135

Version: 1.02
Size on disc: 6.140 GB

Main career and all odd jobs were completed in this playthrough.

No trophies available for this game, even after patching.

It runs at a resolution of 1280x720, with an unlocked framerate. Because of this, performance may reach 60 fps at times, but it tends to run at 15 to 30 fps most of the time, with frequent drops to single digit fps due to the huge amount of explosions.

SIXAXIS motion controls are available and work, but aren't easy to use. Adjusting motion sensor sensitivity doesn't seem to work either. Most players will want to stick to traditional analog stick controls.

The "Night Avenger" movie's director intro skipped half-way through and opened the in-game XMB the first time it played. Could not reproduce the issue afterwards.

All "Multiclash" modes are available offline through "Local play", and support up to 4 player splitscreen. There is no bot support, however, so there will be no opponents in these modes if playing alone.

Both "Constructor" modes are playable, but some props in the arena editor will sometimes be unable to be placed despite supposedly being allowed to. Cycling through props of the same class usually fixes the issue.

Concept art and behind the scenes footage are included on the disc, in the "Extras" section.

Overall, a very fun game with all content on disc. But the extremely poor performance, common in games from the early PS3 era like this one, ends up harming the experience, and the available patch doesn't solve these issues.

Tested by Community Report on PS3 Fat