(ESRB - Standard, Revision 000)

Nov 16, 2017
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Snow Cannon Games
  • CIRCLE Entertainment
  • Flyhigh Works
  • Rain Games
  • K-Train
Offline play
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Version 1.0.0 on cart. No patches available at the time of testing (March 2024).

Completed the game 100%. Beat the campaign, found all upgrades and found all hidden scrolls.

First issue encountered is minor, in which the game would freeze for a quick moment and then return to normal. While the game seamlessly transitions from room to room, certain rooms have to load in certain objects, which would in turn cause the game to freeze for a quick moment. This issue did cause us to die once.

A rather nasty bug: The game will randomly and abruptly go into a complete black screen. We attempted to press every single button possible, but nothing happened. The only option was to click the home button, go to the main Nintendo Switch menu, close and restart the game.

The black screen bug also caused another issue. When reloading the game, the game loaded back to a previous room, which means we had to re-complete that room again in order to get back to where we were before the bug occurred. Keep in mind, the black screen bug only happened once during this test. However, in a previous non-test playthrough, this occurred in different locations and about 2-3 times.

Another thing noticed after the black screen bug, were the collectible scrolls. There were two scrolls that we had not yet collected, and yet when we tried to go collect them, the game had already counted them. This only occurred after the black screen bug.

Another issue occurred when loading back into our save, as we were seemingly loaded into a different area from where we left off. Turns out that we were in the same room, but instead of being at the beginning of the room where we left off, the game loaded us at the exit of that same room.

There is also an issue where objects become stuck to one another which can make some puzzles more difficult to solve. Though leaving a room and coming back into it resets the room entirely.

There were moments where the controls felt unresponsive. While not often, it can be frustrating during certain segments of the game.

Difficulty options: None

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Nederlands, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portugal), Slovenian, Serbian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese.

No DRM. Played handheld mode.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on OLED Switch
Carts revisions:
Revision Version on cart Front cart code Download size for update Comments
000 1.0.0 LA-H-AHKRC-USA N/A Complete on cart