The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol

(ESRB - Standard)

Dec 2, 2022
  • Shooter
  • Adventure
  • Krafton
  • Striking Distance Studios
Offline play
Download required

NOTE: For this test the game was not played entirely until completion. This game might be technically playable until completion however the issues in this disc build are so severe that it is almost impossible to get any real enjoyment out of it.

This game exhibits extremely major pop-in and framerate issues when being played on PS4. The Pro model does improve the framerate a bit but it is poor no matter what

It is common for the framerate during combat to drop down to single digits, sometimes completely freezing the game for a second, and making controls much less responsive leading to the combat being significantly harder than it should be. The framerate during exploration is better but still almost never reaches 30fps consistently.

Texture pop in is also extremely severe. Many times when you enter new areas, the textures are so low resolution that the models almost look flat shaded. Character models during cutscenes also suffer from this. Many textures do load in eventually but it often takes about 30 seconds to a full minute to do so, and even then some textures do not fully load in no matter what.

Other issues encountered:
- Multiple cases of voice lines and subtitles not working correctly.
- Multiple cases of sound effects not playing at all
- Multiple cases where Jacob’s weapon wouldn’t render
- Multiple cases of trophies not unlocking properly
- Multiple cases of tutorial messages not appearing when they should
- Before you obtain the baton, Jacob’s metal pipe will still play the sound for the baton unfolding when you - unsheathe it
- The HDR has severe black level raise, SDR has better contrast in comparison.

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS4 Pro