The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol

(ESRB - Retail)

Dec 2, 2022
  • Shooter
  • Adventure
  • Krafton
  • Striking Distance Studios
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

Observed a ton of visual bugs including severe texture loading, objects clipping or floating, invisible weapons, text missing from UI and pause menu, door opening and the cutscene of the door opening playing after, ammo counter not displaying ammo count, texture flickering, GRP display not showing properly, wording not appearing in objective box, NPC teleporting instead of walking back and forth, shadows in some cutscenes constantly disappearing and reappearing. Many audio bugs including audio not playing a lot, dialogue not playing in cutscenes, wrong dialogue playing during cutscenes. Spoken dialogue and subtitles were very often different. Game crashed a total of 14 times. Severe frame rate slowdown observed in certain areas and during cutscenes in performance mode. Some collectibles didn’t spawn making the collectible trophy and platinum unobtainable. Items in inventory were observed displaying the wrong item info. Execution animations on both enemy and player observed not functioning properly. Enemies observed not always spawning after a checkpoint reload. Enemy AI observed breaking and enemy stood still until killed. Items observed not respawning after a checkpoint reload, loading the save fixed it. Bug occurred were picking up ammo from an enemy cause inventory to be filled with that ammo type. Story related trophy didn’t unlock. Items observed disappearing from the environment if looking a certain direction. Fell thru the floor and died. Was able to control the character during the credits and credits screen became stuck on screen after the credits ended.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base PS5