The Darkside Detective Duology

The Darkside Detective Duology

(PEGI - Super Rare Games)

Jan 31, 2024
  • Akupara Games
  • Spooky Doorway
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

Thank you to Super Rare Games for providing this review copy.

Test Notes:

* Both games run at 60 FPS.

* No issues found with either game.

* All trophies obtainable for each game.

Content Completed:

* All 12 main cases completed, 6 per game.

* All 6 bonus cases completed, 3 per game.

Additional Notes:

* Each game has its own disc included.

* Version 2.000.000 (The Darkside Detective) / 2.005.000 (The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark) on disc.

* Disc ID: PPSA-02567 (The Darkside Detective) / PPSA-02565 (The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark)

* Spine ID: 6582975

* Number of players: 1

* Audio language supported: N/A

* Subtitle language supported: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish

* Accessibility options: N/A

* Quality/Performance option: No

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base PS5