The Enigma Machine & Alterity Experience

The Enigma Machine & Alterity Experience

(CERO - Standard)

Offline play
Download required

Utilized default settings. "Enigma Machine" played while docked where as "Alterity Experience" was done handheld.

Minor spelling errors appear to have been carried over from their original digital releases (ex. "Conrwell [Cornwell] Ranch, Promotional Flyer" document in "Alterity Experience").

In "Alterity Experience," it appears a lighting effect is absent when dealing with the electrical panel puzzle down in the basement. A video / trophy walkthrough for the PS5 version (listed as v1.0.0.0 in-game) shows the panel with a faint glow by default that allows the switches to be visible once examined in the dark. However, even with the cellphone light equipped and a previous checkpoint loaded, the panel is entirely dark outside the gauge / mini-lights found on the switches. The player will have to guess how many times to press each one of the buttons to activate full power.

In the same game, the starting bit of audio that appears during the finale cutscene replays during the loading screen that appears after the end credits.

As an additional note, although both titles do feature English subtitles, it appears the CERO physical release doesn't contain English voice overs for "Alterity Experience". Nothing in the options menu allows the player to change from the Japanese V.O. provided by Ryota Yoshizaki & Masuko Ota. (edited)

Tested by Community Report on Base Switch