The House of the Dead: Remake - Z Version

The House of the Dead: Remake - Z Version

(CERO - Z Version)

Offline play
Download required

Completed 100%, which includes all achievements, all weapons unlocked, armory unlocked, all secret passages found, all enemies found, and multiple playthroughs on Arcade mode, Normal mode and Easy mode.

No patches available at the time of testing (mid October 2023).
Also note that this version will boot in Japanese, but can be changed to English in the options menu.
Experienced two software errors - did not hinder progress in any way.
Mostly played in performance mode. When not using performance mode, the game would chug frequently during transition sequences. This performance issue lasted only a few moments and would stabilize quickly. While in performance mode, this still happened, but to a much lesser degree.
Contrary to the censored version, gore and dismemberment are still available on this version of the game, including the ability for the player to kill the scientists in the game. The only thing that does not transition over are two achievements related to killing the scientists, and those achievements are not present.
Also, since this Z version released after the US and EUR counterparts, all additional patches that have been released for the game seem to be here. One specific patch that was added: “Added option to mute the “reload” sound,” which appears to have been added on version 1.0.3 (USA/EUR’s latest patch) is here on this version.
In handheld mode playing with motion controls can be a real chore. We could not get it to work properly in handheld mode. We played with various settings, and it just never felt right. Ended up having to play the game without motion.

Also played in docked mode for one playthrough, because there are 3 achievements specific to having a second player.

I also tested the Horde Mode and didn’t see any difference in performance.

Tested by Nintendo Revised on Switch OLED