The Quarry
Series X

The Quarry

(PEGI - Standard)

Jun 10, 2022
  • Adventure
  • 2K Games
  • Supermassive Games
Offline play
Download required

-Version on disc
-Language on disc: English only (no option to change the language at all)
-Accessibility settings: adjustable choice timer, simple QTEs, interrupt speed, button mash, QTE speed, aim assist, adjustable subtitle size, color background, open dyslexic font

-Horror history visual filter pack included as a download code
-Movie mode and couch co-op modes included on disc
-The god rays graphical feature absent from the PS5 disc version is present in this version.

-Subtitles did not work for some of the video tutorials.
-Very minor texture pop-in observed occasionally
-Subtitles sometimes disappeared too fast or were not synced with the audio. This becomes rather frequent in the final chapters.
-Some of the surfaces of the rocks in the Rocky Road in Chapter 2 appear low-detailed.
-Aim assist can be a little wobbly in the shooting tutorial.
-The firepit occasionally had some slightly glitchy textures in the cutscene at the end of Chapter 2.
-The swimming scene in Chapter 3 features some oddly textured water.
-During Chapter 4, when Dylan is talking to Ryan at the lodge, for a few dialogue lines, their faces are dark.
-In Chapter 6, controller vibration did not activate during a Don't Breathe sequence.
-In Chapter 8, the locked door between Jacob's cage and Nick's was invisible.
-In Chapter 9, after Laura defends herself and destroys the fusebox, a light is still on, making for a couple of funny dialogue lines.
-In Chapter 10, even though Emma transformed into a werewolf and Abi got into the office alone, human Emma was still noticed for a few seconds banging on the door to alert Kaitlyn.
-In Chapter 10, Kaitlyn's pupils are white for a few scenes; a single momentary instance of this was also observed earlier.
-The transition between the character cards in the epilogue was rather fast.

Overall very polished; all issues encountered were very minor.

Tested by Community Report on Xbox Series X