The Silent Swan

The Silent Swan

(ESRB - Standard)

Nov 3, 2023
  • Adventure
  • Indie
  • Gamera Nest
Offline play
(*) Download required
(*) Disclamer: PS5 consoles with detachable disc drive (CFI-20xx models) require an internet connection to activate the disc drive at the setup.

An update is recommended as the disc build is incomplete with no narrative aspect or quest structure. A video walkthrough is needed to scarcely stumble through what little goals exist.

-- None of the illustrated cutscenes for the opening / ending sequences are present. The radio dialogue that makes up the entire "narrative" aspect of the game is nonexistent despite picking up the device for the respective trophy. Changing the language setting to Spanish, toggling the hint system & reinstalling the disc did nothing to fix it. Ending scene appears to be slightly different with the protagonist moving through a gate instead of docking at a structure before it. One document might be absent in one of the tents & the theme park passcode for the final area is laughably "1234" per its respective file.

-- Numerous lighting defects & incomplete assets, such as stuttering depth-of-field / shifting light cycles plus glitched / featureless / pop-in textures, appear consistently throughout the experience with the worst location being the City. Ringing bells for the save system / related trophy causes the game to freeze for a few seconds. Stock sound for elevators stopped working after a few areas.

-- Pressing L3 (Left Analog Stick) brings up a developer stats menu for FPS, RAM, soundtrack name and dB usage. Often performs at 60fps although it can drop to the low 30s in asset-heavy areas.

-- Quest directions become completely useless after the opening puzzle for turning on power at the Homestead area. For example, the bell tower that indicates the player should head toward the City for their next objective never sounds off and, thus, the current goal does not update unless the player wanders into another area with an available task. Without a (video) guide, the game will be near unbeatable due to its unfinished structure & lack of direction.

-- NPC encounters are outright unpolished. Lifeless models can be prompted for untranslated text from Spanish with the barest bones of their intent ("Place the reel on the projector," "Visit the Shaman," etc.). One-or-two choice moments are reduced to literal "primary" or "optional" dialogues. "Primary" choices were selected to avoid potential lock-out. Crows that are present near notable locations, like tents or save bells, stop appearing after the first few areas.

-- For whatever reason, the ability to fast travel back to the City from the Homestead and Shaman's Lair never appeared as an option in their respective airships (supposedly unlocked in the City via the Bell Tower). Consequently, players will have to make the trek via foot or bike.

-- Two hard crashes occurred on the roadway to the City possibly due to assets / light loading as you approach the area. Bypassed future occurrences by looking down at the tricycle and/or moving along the pedestrian walkways without watching the landscape too often. Speaking of the City, it features a plethora of issues from missing assets / textures (ex. directional maps, tables, lamp posts, etc.), invisible walls and a handful of fall-through stairways. One large building causes a soft strobing effect with its surrounding light & one major bridge is notably non-traversable as well, but the player should drop to a lower level that offers access to the attached edifice via stairs.

-- Various oddities with the trophy system where several of them unlocked much sooner than their necessary triggers, particularly those related to height or travel distance. At least three trophies were left unobtained despite following an achievement Steam playthrough ("The Bells of Kavrazyma" & "Lost in the Woods") with one specific collectible for "Lost Transcription" that does not appear whatsoever at the side dock area.

Tested by DoesItPlay on Base PS5