The Suffering

The Suffering

(ESRB - Standard)

Mar 9, 2004
  • Shooter
  • Midway Games
  • Zoo Digital
  • Next Level Games
  • Surreal Software
  • Midway Home Entertainment
Offline play
Download required

Runs at 30 FPS. Some frame drops occur in certain areas and during fights with multiple enemies.

When a checkpoint occurs the game will freeze for a few seconds before resuming.

Pop in with objects and environment pieces occur.

During one cutscene an NPC had no texture under their head and you can see the inside of the model.

In certain areas the screen will occasionally flash black very briefly repeatedly. This also occurs in some areas while you are in the weapon menu.

When scrolling through the weapons the box had no icon on a few occasions. After scrolling through the weapons a few times the icon appeared in the box again.

Some texture flickering occurs on occasion.

Observed an enemy have an invisible body with only the head able to be seen. Issue corrected itself after it was attacked.

A few occasions of character getting stuck on something invisible in the environment.

Finishing the game unlocks a prologue level that is playable upon starting a new game. There is also a developer commentary you can activate by walking over the crow in the corner.

Disc ID: SLUS-20636

Spine ID: SLUS-20636

Number of players: 1

Audio language supported: English

Subtitle language supported: English

Accessibility options: N/A

Mode preference selection: N/A

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS3 BC