Timesplitters 2 (Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution)

Timesplitters 2 (Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution)

(ESRB - Standard)

Offline play
Download required

To access the Easter Egg you need to be on the main mission Small By Name in Homefront: The Revolution. Following the objective will lead you to a prison. Use the stairs to go to the top of the prison and inside a room on the top floor will be an arcade cabinet you can use. Using it allows you to access Timesplitters 2.

Finishing the game is supposed to allow you to access the game from the extras section of the main menu. However the disc build does not do this. You need to not go past the point of no return in the main story to keep Timesplitters 2 accessible.

Upon using it only story mode is available, with only the Siberia and Chicago levels being selectable. Using certain codes will grant access to the rest of the story mode levels as well as other modes. You need to be on the level select screen of story mode to start entering the codes. Note that any time you close Homefront: The Revolution you must reenter the codes again.

To unlock all story mode missions enter the following code at the level select screen:

L2+Up, L2+Up, Down, L2+Right, R2+Left, R2+Circle, L2+Triangle, L2+Triangle, R2+Square, L2+X.

To unlock arcade mode aka multiplayer enter the following code at the level select screen:

L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Circle, R2+Left, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Triangle, R2+Square, L2+X.

To unlock challenge mode enter the following code at the level select screen:

R2+Circle, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Circle, L2+R2+Down, L2+Right, L2+Up, L2+Triangle, L2+R2+X, R2+Square, L2+X.

To unlock Invincibility enter the following code at the level select screen:

Right, L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Left, L2+Right.

The following codes are unknown in what they unlock.

Unknown code 1 (Maybe Cheats):

L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+X, R2+Circle, R2+Left, L2+Triangle, L2+Triangle, L2+R2+Circle, R2+Square, L2+X.

Unknown code 2 (Maybe Extras):

L2+R2+Down, L2+R2+Left, L2+R2+Triangle, L2+Right, R2+Circle, L2+Triangle, L2+R2+Circle, L2+R2+Down, R2+Square, L2+X.

Unknown Code 3:

L2+Circle, R2+Square, L2+Left, L2+Right, L2+Up, L2+R2+Down.

Story mode notes:

To activate the Timesplitters 2 pause menu use the touch pad.

When picking up multiple items the text popup will overlap.

In the pause menu the Continue word is off center on the panel.

During the Notre Dame level when on the roof at the end of the level large black squares would randomly show up on the screen before disappearing.

During the Return to Planet X level the game crashes after using the teleport spot inside the UFO base. Level cannot be completed.

Neo Tokyo level crashes the game during the loading screen after selecting it. Level cannot be played.

During the Wild West level the game crashes right after you pick up the time crystal. Level cannot be completed.

During the Atom Smasher level the game crashes as soon as the time crystal located message pops up. Level cannot be completed.

During the Aztec Ruins level after defeating the three golems the game crashes. Level cannot be completed.

During the Robot Factory level after picking up the time crystal the game crashes. Level cannot be completed.

During the Space Station level the game will crash seemingly at random shortly after the level starts. Level cannot be completed.

Arcade mode notes:

The menus are off center and text is scrunched together making it hard to read.

Picking up the Cloak/Invisibility power up, indicated by an orange orb, or the Shrink power up, indicated by a green orb, will crash the game.

Any time a popup message regarding the player is shown the character is always referred to as Harry Tipper regardless of what character you are playing as.

During the Arcade league challenge Chasity Chased and Disco Inferno black squares will randomly appear on screen as the match progresses.

During the Arcade league challenge Spoils of War, Club Soda, Station Stand and R109 Beta the game will crash. Challenge cannot be completed.

Did not test parts 2-5 of Honorary League or any of Elite League. Some Arcade Custom tested and had crashing issues as well. Challenge mode also not tested.

Updates are available for Homefront: The Revolution but based on research it makes little different in fixing any of the issues present in Timesplitters 2.

Version 1.00 on disc.

Disc ID: CUSA-01012

Spine ID: 2101504

Number of players: 1

Audio language supported: English

Subtitle language supported: English

Accessibility options: N/A

Mode preference selection: N/A

Tested by DoesItPlay on PS5 BC